Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Year?

Really? Maybe?

I just scrolled through some old posts, and I cringe that I see I had started work on this book in 2006. 2006! Crazy. Just crazy. I actually knew this, but to see it in writing ...

But I really, really think it might be done this year. If you follow the hero's journey, my hero has seized the sword and is beginning the road back. We are building toward the story climax, people.

This story has really been honed down to its essential elements. That was really the trick. I had this huge, wide, deep story that I had to discover, and it simply took time. Interestingly, almost all of my original characters are still in the story. There were certain basic impulses and inspirations that have not changed a wit after all of this time. They just had to be mined and cut and polished.

I'm very tired right now. I will post more soon. Thanks for reading!



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