Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bride of Frankenstein

In case anyone still stops by at the invitation of my last post (thank you, if you do! I miss you and see most of you over at Beth Ciotta's blog), I thought it way past due for an update.

I spent three months writing a new angle of my story to discover that what I had just written was all back story. At first I wanted to drown my head in toilet. But then I realized it was the fuel of the story that was to be told. Knowing what had happened in the past had always been the big blank to me, and had made it difficult to write my story.

So, after another couple of quick false starts, I think I've finally hit it. The amazing thing is that it incorporates nearly everything that I had come up with in the past years. It's like I had to create all of these invidividual threads in order to be able to weave them together. They would not be created at the same time.

It is turning out much different than I expected ... yet it is closer to my original vision than anything else I've written until now. How curious. And this tells me that I am on the right track. For it is the original tone and the original characters and much of the original setting. Only in a new light. It has also confirmed to me that it is indeed a YA story. For a while I thought it might have shifted into an adult story. But I think it's definitely a YA. My characters are 17 years old, nearly 18 ... so I guess that was the confusion. I had a hard time finding their ages. First younger then older, now right in the middle. So I guess it could be an adult story too.

Anyway, I'm chugging along in chapter 2 and feeling like I'm finally onto something. I can see things. I can see ahead. Well, I can see ahead with concept. I don't know any details. These I discover as I write. Which I also learned to let unfold naturally. I learned that if I try to hard to put it in order before I write it, I get bored with it. It gets choked. I did this out of fear of writing something that goes nowhere. But if the base is solid enough, even if I only have hunches or small clues, it can be enough.

I know these characters by now. At least on a visceral level. I want them to still surprise me. As I said to someone the other day, that is when the story comes alive.

Here's to my Bride of Frankenstein.

I hope you all are rolling along and doing great!

Hugs, C

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